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Triprayar Sri Rama Temple

Triprayar Sri Rama Temple

A few years back when we were travelling on the highway to Kodungallur, on the way we passed through Triprayar Temple which was just 17 Kms from Trissur. The view of the rear side of sprawling Temple on the banks of the river, by the same name, itself was magnificient sight which I could never forget. In view of time constraint we could not visit the Temple at that time.

But this time when we took the pilgrimage to Guruvayur and other places in Trissur District two weeks back, we made a point to visit Triprayar and have the Dharshan of Sri Rama. But this time we travelled from Kodungallur to Guruvayur. On the way we reached Triprayar Kshetram late in the evening and we were enthralled to have the Darshan of Sree Rama just after the evening Pooja. Since the idol of Sri Rama is inside the sanctum which is little away from the worshiping area we could not see the deatails in the soft light provided by numerous oil lamps beautifully lit around the deity. But we were told here Sri Rama has four arms like that of Maha Vishnu and with Sridevi and Bhudevi on either sides. This Temple is said to be built in the same architectural style of Vadakkunatha Temple in Trissur. It has exquisite wood carvings, murals and stone carvings. The rear side of the Temple is on the banks of the river Triprayar, and has well built steps leading down to the flowing river. The long rows of thick coconut groves on the other side of the flowing river added to the beauty of the evening sight. We could see many varieties of fish swimming by the side of the steps waiting for the puffed rice thrown by the devotees who visit the Temple. For my city bred little grand-daughters it was a most welcome sight. They were reluctant to leave the place. Thanks to the thundering of the "Vedis" usually blasted in the evenings at the Kerala Temples, the littleones started to run towards us to leave the Temple.

The Gopurams in this Temple are not very big compared to other Kerala Temples nearby. But they are beautiful. The main copper tiled Gopuram on the sanctum is in round conical shape with with gold Kalasa on the top. There are separate shrines for Ganapathy, Hanuman, Ayyappan and Dakshinamurty in the Temple.

Tripryar Temple has an interesting History.The Vigraha of Sri Rama was found along with the images of his brothers Lakshmana, Bharata and Chatrugna by the sea shore by one Vakkey Kaimal, the local Chieften. The date of building this temple is not known for sure. But it was under the Zamorines originally, then under Dutch (!) and Mysore Sultans before it came to the possession of Cochin Maharajas.

According to to belief Triprayar Temple should be the first to start with for the" Nalambalam yathra" (four Temples) taken during the rainy month of "Karkatakam", which is considered sacred by the devouts. The Others are Sri Bharata Temple at Koodalmanikyam, Sri Lakshmana Temple at Moozhikulam and Sri Satrugna Temple at Payyamal. Visiting all the four Temples during this Yathra should be completed in one day. But this time, We could not complete this Yatra as we could visit only two Temples. Perhaps we may be called to do the" Nalambala Yatra" by the Lords some other time. Till then, Namaskarams.

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